My Whiteboard

Have you ever had a brilliant idea pop up in your mind unexpectedly when no one was around to hear it? And by the time you were ready to share it, you had forgotten what it was and wished you had written it down?

We have likely all been in this situation at some point in our lives and I wonder if this small mishap has often stifled the next big idea. To think…”if only someone with a similar frame of mind and the same level of excitement were around to discuss my idea at the time, who knows what we could have conceived? The next revolutionary mobile device? A cure for cancer? A remedy for global poverty?” I’d like to believe that the possibilities are endless, but without fruitful discussions and some avenue for learning, great ideas get lost.

And that is where this blog comes in.

I believe that learning is a lifelong process that helps us achieve great things, both individually and together. When we share our ideas, engage in healthy conversation, and participate in productive activities, we support the growth and development of each other. This blog primarily aims to serve as my contribution to the discussion.

As for who I am and what I hope to accomplish, there are three main reasons why I decided to start this blog:

  1. I love writing. Coming fresh out of the Schulich MBA program, I have developed an adrenaline for writing reports and delivering presentations. As grueling as the last few months have been, one of the things that I will miss and that I always miss about school in general is the limitless writing opportunities. With this blog, I can express my thoughts in an infinite number of ways to create my own story.
  2. A blog is a writer’s whiteboard. That is, a blog is one of the few mediums through which someone can take the time to provide a clear, holistic, and coherent picture of who they are, what they are thinking and how they think. It allows me to document my thoughts and walk you through my wavelength, free of outside distractions that are common in other forms of social media.
  3. I am a lifelong learner. As I mentioned before, I wish to contribute to the world and they say that the best way to learn something is to teach it. I’m not saying I’m an expert in what I will discuss, but sharing my insights and perspectives will hopefully be valuable to both my learning as well as my readers’.

While this blog will focus primarily on marketing strategy, branding, advertising, business, etc, I will also share my experience with my other passions, including sports, music, dance, and food to name a few. Lifelong learning is much more than one’s career; it encompasses all forms of self-development. I encourage anyone and everyone to comment on my posts and start a conversation. I am excited to start this blog and I look forward to the journey.



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