Hi there and welcome to my personal blog!

I’m Spencer – marketing enthusiast, brand lover, avid sports fan, aspiring hip-hop dancer and lifelong learner.

Just over a year ago, I left a comfortable tax accounting job to pursue a career in marketing and brand management. Intrigued by the power of branding in our everyday lives, I had an unfulfilled desire to immerse myself in such a dynamic field. This blog serves primarily as a platform to share my thoughts, stories and experiences in marketing and to elicit thoughts from readers as well. The discussions and content presented here are intended to foster an environment in which we can all hope to learn something new every day.

I also started Lifetime Promotions as something that extends beyond its marketing meaning. As a lifelong learner, I have many passions outside of my career that I also love to share with my readers, including sports, music, dance, and food, and I am a strong believer in lifelong self-development – career-related or otherwise. In that light, Lifetime Promotions encompasses all such “promotions” of oneself.

Lifelong learning is a commitment to daily fulfillment. It is a lifestyle. It is genuine, it is bold, it is open-minded, and it strives for progress. Please join me on this wonderful journey.


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